Joe Dynan

A Music Collaboration Project

The "ALL THE ROADS" Project

This is a collaboration album that spans 40 years.

Joe Lee Dynan was on his way to sign a contract with Columbia Records in the winter of 1972 when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. His grieving father claimed that he destroyed all of Joe's music, lyrics, poetry and diaries. But 40 years later I discovered a trunk buried at my father's house. The trunk contained all of Joe's music, lyrics, diaries and his five albums that he produced from 1970-72. Problem is they are on reel-to-reel tapes and have to be converted to digital sound files. After that, they are re-mastered by Joe E. Dynan - my son, who is named after my brother. Joe E. is also a musician, as you will see, and the new CD project is a collaboration between the two Joe Dynans.


All The Roads

Joe Dynan

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Includes these songs:

1. Clouds
2. Wanna See My Girl
3. All The Roads
4. Are You Waiting
5. No Advice Advised
6. BiPolar*
7. I’ve Always Been Gone
8. Meditation*
9. We’re Almost Done*
10. This Is Not Goodbye
11. BONUS: I Can’t Explain - Xenith featuring Quen

* These three songs written, performed and produced by Joe Dynan. All other songs, except "I Can't Explain", written by Joe Lee Dynan; performed and produced by Joe Dynan. "I Can't Explain is written and produced by Xenith (Joe Dynan) and features Quen.
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